Stephen Zhao

I'm a Software Developer with 2+ years of industry experience in web, systems, desktop, and cloud development.

I'm expecting to graduate as a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Waterloo in 2020.

I've completed an exchange term abroad, at EPFL in Switzerland, where I focused my studies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

I'm currently dabbling in DDD with CQRS, which I'm hoping to include in my next personal project.

My toolbox includes the following technologies:

  • In web dev, mainly ASP.NET and React, preferring TypeScript over JavaScript. I have some experience with frontend libraries like styled-components, build tools like webpack, server frameworks like express and flask, and all-in-one's like Gatsby.
  • In the cloud space, I have working knowledge of both AWS and Azure offerings, from EC2 to Azure Functions.
  • For data processing, machine learning, and computer vision, I've worked primarily with Python, employing libraries such as PySpark, pandas, keras, scikit-learn, and opencv.
  • In the desktop space, my jobs have taken me through WinForms and WPF, as well as several custom UI libraries built directly on top of xlib!
  • For databasing, I work primarily with RDBMS like SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL. My past jobs involved manual SQL queries and proprietary ORMs, but I currently and personally use EF Core.
  • On the systems side, I've mainly worked with the Ada programming language, with a small amount of C, maintaining real-time distributed systems.

Some of my favourite technologies:

  • Scala, for its rich type system and object-functional paradigm.
  • TypeScript, also for its type system, a massive improvement over traditional ES JavaScript.
  • dotnet core, for its promise of cross-platform compatibility.
  • I'm eyeing Blazor because it blurs the lines between clientside and serverside development, and should play a big role in further popularizing WebAssembly.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] with opportunities. My resum√© is available upon request. Check out my social media links above for more about me.

Besides my work, I have interests in mathematics, data science, urban planning, and politics.

Climate change is a real and present danger. Income inequality is growing ever larger. With all of the benefits that the proliferation of high-tech brings to our daily lives, there is ever more reason for us to explore carefully to deal with growing issues in data privacy, "fake news", and automation. Users are increasingly encouraged to attentively scrutinize the services that they consume, while engineers, product managers, and the companies who employ them increasingly need to make mindful, ethical decisions.