Stephen Zhao

I'm a Software Developer with 3+ years of industry experience in web, systems, desktop, and cloud development.

I currently develop data pipelines and microservices for online analytical processing and reporting at Bloomberg LP.

I'm a University of Waterloo graduate with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree. My area of focus was Artificial Intelligence.

Some of my favourite technologies:

  • TypeScript, for its rich type system, allowing for a massive improvement for maintainability & robustness over traditional ES JavaScript.
  • Scala, for its rich type system and its mixing of paradigms, allow for the best of Functional and Object-Oriented programming to be used when appropriate.
  • .NET, for its new cross-platform capabilities and embracement of Open Source.

Please reach out to me at [email protected] with opportunities. My resum√© is available upon request. Check out my social media links above for more about me.

Besides my work, I have interests in mathematics and urban planning. I like hiking and hope to do a 14'er one day.